Scalenut Free Trial: Review & Features

Scalenut Free Trial

Scalenut is a popular AI Writing and Content Optimization Tool. Using an AI writing tool gives you the ability to write faster and more detailed content without much effort. Even this content is not plagiarised and possesses great chances of ranking.

But is it really recommended to use AI Content? Yes, this question haunts many entrepreneurs! 😱

It definitely is a big question whether AI content can replace human writing efforts. The answer is a clear No. But it is definitely a great tool in the hand of a writer that saves time and does the job.

Scalenut is one of these tools, that not only offers you AI writing at a low cost but also allows you to optimize your content for the search engine result pages. That means, here you not only sit on the front bench but also do the homework and get a distinction! 💪

Scalenut AI Content Writing Software

Scalenut Features

  • Short Form Copywriting Templates
  • SEO Content – to writing long-form content.
  • Google Chrome Extension – to make use of Scalenut while sending emails, writing social media post descriptions, or even writing content.
  • Cruise Mode – to write SEO content in steps
  • Unlimited AI Words – starting at as low as $33 per month.
  • Paraphrasing
  • Team Collaboration
  • Talent Network

What can you write with Scalenut?

  • E-commerce Product Descriptions
  • Blog Articles
  • Quora Answers
  • SEO Meta Descriptions
  • Social Media Posts Copies (Facebook, Linkedin, Instagram, Twitter)
  • Concluding Paragraphs
  • Write Emails
  • Youtube Video Descriptions

Scalenut Free Trial

Fortunately, there is a Free forever plan available in Scalenut which eliminates the need for a trial account of course. With the free plan you can get:

  • 2,000 AI Words
  • 2 SEO Reports
  • 40+ AI tools

The word limit is quite less but it is sufficient if you want to have a test drive of Scalenut. You can upgrade to its other plans to have unlimited words and access to more features.

Below are some other plans annual billing apart from its free forever plan.

$12 per month$33 per month$62 per month
100000 AI WordsUnlimited AI WordsUnlimited AI Words
5 SEO Reports30 SEO ReportsUnlimited SEO Reports
40+ AI tools40+ AI tools40+ AI tools
24×7 live chat support24×7 live chat support24×7 live chat support
Cruise ModeCruise Mode
30 – Topic Clusters100 – Topic Clusters
AI SettingsAI Settings
SERP FactsSERP Facts
Buy Additional SAAS CreditsBuy Additional SAAS Credits
2 users; add more @ $49/user
The dedicated customer success Manager

Scalenut Alternatives

Over To You

Scalenut is definitely a great software and can be fully compatible with your needs. The full utilization of this software can help you achieve more results out of your efforts. So what are you waiting for?

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