AI Content Writing Can break your site

AI Content Writing Will Break Your Site & SEO

Many people are very concerned about AI Content Writing. The availability of these tools at cheaper rates, due to heavy competition among the tools, is allowing more and more writers to come in and provide AI content. Especially, the writers who are not native to English find it easy to generate the content.

But there are many questions and puzzles unsolved, like — Is it really fine to write content with AI? Can AI really solve the user intent? Will Google penalize AI Content?

As such, we have to understand whether is it safe to use AI Content and what are the key points to always consider when you write content using any AI writing software.

What is AI Content Writing?

AI Content Writing is nothing but a process of writing content with the help of any artificial intelligence software that uses machine learning to output the content based on some commands or actions. There are many AI Content writing tools prevalent in the market as of today that use OpenAI's GPT-3 model to allow us to generate content.

OpenAI's GPT-3(third-generation Generative Pre-trained Transformer) is a research platform that allows developers to create and experiment with AI algorithms. The platform includes tools for machine learning, natural language processing, and image recognition.

Why and when You Should not use AI Writing Software

You should avoid using AI Software because of the below limitations:

  • AI software normally writes content that is subject to proofreading,
  • It overlooks the intent you want to use for your content,
  • Still requires a human intervention who is way smarter than AI, to fact check, detect mistakes, revise and fine-tune the content
  • AI Content is not 100% Original
  • It loses readability because it modifies the content that is already existed
  • Use of hard words to make it look original
  • limitation to write about new topics that are not available online, because AI has no knowledge about it, for example, AI can not help you write content about “What can be understood from the current equation between India and China” it is not available online
  • Not useful for publishers that are the first to publish the topics

As such, AI Content Writing Software should be avoided when you are writing content that requires technical skills and the involvement of a skilled human. AI tools can not replace the need for a human writer.

Benefits of Using AI Writing Software

Although, there are so many limitations to using AI software there are many benefits of using AI writing software, such as:

  • If you have a lot of text to write, the software will help you create an outline and organize your thoughts.
  • The software can correct grammar mistakes and typos.
  • They can help you generate social media copies and google ads
  • They can help you in writing email newsletters
  • AI writing tools can help you in writing e-Commerce product descriptions
  • AI Tools are helpful for writing YouTube titles and descriptions
  • It can generate citations and bibliographies for your work.
  • AI Software can help you generate content based on your commands
  • It can save your time writing long-form content
  • You can set the tone of your text content
  • When you are out of ideas, this software can help you complete and polish content

Which AI Writing tools are the best?

I never recommend using AI tools for extensive use. However, below are some of the best AI tools that offer SEO-guided content writing, plagiarism checker, keyword explorer, SEO audit, and social media ads text. These tools won't harm your website and allow you to generate quality content that your reader can appreciate. These tools are tested by many companies and popular entrepreneurs that got some amazing results in very less time.

So, if you are looking for the tools that can genuinely help you with your content requirements then you can consider the below listed AI Writing tools:-


Scalenut AI Content Writing Software

Scalenut is a sophisticated content writing software that allows making use of competitors' strategies to outrank them. It lets you use NLP terms in your content so that you can increase relevancy for your focus keywords and rank on search engines.

Scalenut allows you to rephrase the content, allows using various copywriting templates, insert outlines and FAQs, generates the AI content, and eventually makes copywriting quite easy & fun.

Surfer SEO

SurferSEO Software Homepage

Surfer SEO is a content tool that focuses mainly on the quality of content. Instead of offering you a chunk of AI-generated text that can hardly give you rank, it offers you an SEO-guided dashboard where you can do keyword research, and an SEO audit, and create the content using the guidelines that are offered.

To create the SEO guidelines, Surfer SEO analyses the content from your top competitors' sites. It takes into account their H1 headings, H2 headings, H3 headings, anchors, links, images, NLP terms, paragraphs, and much more. With all this data analyzed, it helps you optimize your content when you write. You can integrate Surfer SEO with WordPress, and some other AI content generator tools.


Rytr AI Content Writing Software Review

Rytr is an amazing AI writing tool that comes with affordable plans and an eye-catching UI. Using Rytr is quite easy. One can avoid the situation of writer's block by using Rytr or any other tool mentioned in this article. Rytr is best for writing product descriptions, AIDA, PAS, Job descriptions, landing page text, profile bio, question & answers, video descriptions, and much more.

You can also set the creativity level and tone of content while generating the variation of text copies. Rytr pricing is very straightforward. There are two options to upgrade, the Saver plan or the Unlimited Plan. The Saver plan costs you $9 per month or $90 annual and the unlimited plan costs you $29 per month and $290 annual. As such, when you opt for the annual pricing, you can get two months free.


Wordhero AI Writing Software

Wordhero is another AI writing assistant and they are focusing more on short-form copies. The best use of AI can definitely be in generating short copywriting. However, it is not limited to that, you can create long-form content as well.

Wordhero has just one plan as of now which is a pro unlimited plan that allows you to write unlimited copy with access to all writing tools and 24/7 priority support. It costs you $49 per month. However, if you opt for an annual plan it becomes $29/month.


Writerzen Content Writing Software

Writerzen is pretty much advanced AI writing software. The makers have dwelled in a lot of efforts to keep it distinguished from the other software in the market.

Writerzen offers you Topic discovery, keyword explorer, content creator, and plagiarism checker. If you are a profound entrepreneur looking to rank your crucial copies then this tool can make a lot of sense to you. Writerzen makes sure that your content ensures originality and avoids being penalized. Writerzen also makes collaboration quite easy so that you can work together on your important copies.

Is AI writing a threat?

In general, AI programming isn't a threat. Therefore, in the next few years, non-native writers or those who haven't honed their talents as a writer will have to compete for online work and lose.

Is AI writing legit?

When using any AI writing tool, the most important thing to consider is if the tool is legitimate. Rather than debating whether it is less or more effective than conventional tools, we're noting that many organizations and corporations have been questioned by authorities for producing shockingly poor content with such tools. But yes, AI Writing is legal and you can also get good results if you use it wisely.

Are there any drawbacks to using an AI Writing Software?

AI Content Writing is a boon to content writers, especially those who are not native English speakers. For example, the presence of automatic spelling and grammar checkers in AI-powered tools means that you can get the right words and grammar without any hassle at all.
Plus, another big advantage for anyone using an AI writing software is that it does not have time constraints since these programs will never run out of drafts or ideas.

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