Wiremo Review: Features, Pricing & Alternatives

Wiremo Review, Features, Pricing and alternatives
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It might be a little disorganized to manage reviews using WooCommerce, or any eCommerce store. The same holds true for user interfaces when too many details about the user are required in order to leave a review or if publishing a form involves too many steps.

This Woo Reviews (by Wiremo) review will discuss a plugin that, ideally, solves all of your review-related issues. Those of you who use WordPress and WooCommerce with your online company will have an excellent option for client reviews because this plugin enhances WooCommerce reviews.

What is Wiremo?

With stunning images and an integrated design, Wiremo gathers and displays customer evaluations on your WordPress site to boost social validation and sales. Wiremo utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically assess reviewer input and add favorable reviews to a revolving carousel, using the SEO-boosting potential of user-generated content.

For agencies and businesses, Wiremo is a completely operational Drip Email Campaign Campaign Software. End-to-end web app solutions are offered by Wiremo. This online Drip Email Campaigns Campaigns solution combines live chat, analytics, and communication management in one location.

A service called Wiremo was created expressly to provide users the opportunity to create honest evaluations. Additionally, Wiremo offers the option of moderating and provides accurate data for each and each product evaluated. These platforms are compatible with this:

  • WordPress, Squarespace, and Wix are all website builders.
  • Shopify, Woo-commerce, and other e-commerce systems.
  • hosting for websites.


It assists various websites in managing their customer reviews to maximize their advantages. Wiremo provides a clear demonstration of all the things you can do with the tool and how it handles reviews. The capabilities offered may be utilized right away after installation, and its dashboard has strong functions that are mentioned on the widget's left side.

Despite WooCommerce being the main plugin discussed today, Wiremo also supports the following systems for integration:

  • WordPress
  • Drupal
  • Wix
  • Weebly
  • Joomla
  • Shopify
  • Squarespace
  • Tumblr

Woo Reviews by Wiremo was created to make handling reviews for both consumers and webmasters simple. The dashboard's review moderation is swift, and you may change the dashboard's language settings for various users.

There are two variations of the Woo Reviews plugin: Free and Advanced. Although we'll be looking at both versions of the plugin, remember that a free trial is available if you'd want to try out the premium version first. Having said that, read on to learn more about Woo Reviews by Wiremo's features and decide whether it's the best review plugin for you.

  • With the help of Wiremo, your consumers can easily submit reviews on your platform by checking in using four different platforms: Google, Facebook, Twitter, and Wire.
  • The review area provides an organized summary of the entire breakdown of clicks, bounces, conversions, overall score, reviews, and other metrics.

Wiremo plugins providing:-

Campaign: This function enables you to categorize your target clients or audience into distinct groups. You may divide your target market into groups based on the specific product that each segment of the client purchases or the specialty that they like.

This procedure may be automated after segmentation is complete and action is added in the form of campaigns. This makes it simpler for you to examine the data effectively and helps you divide a cluster of potential clients into manageable groupings. This segmented data is also used by Wiremo to refer review requests and deliver triggers in the appropriate manner.

Conversation trigger: after a poor review, send your consumer an email to start a dialogue in which you inquire as to what you are doing incorrectly. In order to boost your sales, you may utilize this function for all ratings together with in-email discounts.

Support: Support, which includes the whole guide, assists with installing Wiremo on a certain platform. Additionally, Wiremo offers live support, where you may get any setup assistance or other help you might need with Wiremo. Customers may immediately log in to the Wiremo widget using their WooCommerce accounts, requiring only the selection of a rating and the completion of a review form.

Best Features of Wiremo

We are all aware that widget design looks excellent both on small and large displays. Now you can easily show messages to your clients by inserting the Wiremo Carousel widget anywhere on your website. Even the platform's activities on your website are under your control. You've been looking for a method to distinguish your website, right? Well, reviewing carousels now make it possible to do so. Simply sign up right now to start showing your reviews on your dashboard

Wiremo Feature Review Carousel

Automated review request statistics

Use Automated Review Request (ARR) statistics if you want as many customer reviews as you can get. The most important aspect of your campaign, though, is figuring out which one performs better. ARR, numbers will allow you to determine when a conversion is more effective and make the necessary adjustments. One of Wiremo's primary features is automatically generated review requests. This function keeps track of clients who have made purchases and subsequently requests reviews of the goods from them. This is a crucial function because the majority of buyers don't return to the website to post reviews after buying a product.

Wiremo Feature Automated review request statistics


In the first instance, a trigger is used to send a customer a thank-you message, another message, and an email inviting them to leave a review about their purchase right after they make a purchase. You may motivate your devoted clients and automatically compensate them with discounts and extras with the aid of Wiremo Triggers. You may instantly respond to the review and start a dialogue with your client. Although it's obvious that not all reviews will be favorable, it doesn't imply you should avoid them. The user may alter the design of the review widget as well.

Wiremo Feature Triggers

Search Keywords

Reading reviews is the best technique to identify the proper items. Identifying keywords and phrases that will help your product stand out might be a great benefit from these evaluations. You must be aware of the right search terms to utilize and how to incorporate them into your article. What are the most effective techniques to promote your brand? Utilize terms and phrases from client testimonials! You may also look at the sentiment of the reviews to see whether they are neutral, good, or negative.

Wiremo Feature Search Keywords

Review Temperance

Modern customer surveys that ask more specific questions would provide a more thorough analysis and get rid of any prejudice that could be present while merely polling one individual. All customer reviews that you receive are moderated before being posted. You will have quality customer reviews with the aid of this function, which is truly suited for your goods. If a review is offensive, you may simply alter it or remove it. However, the number of stars cannot be altered.

Wiremo Feature Review Temperance

More Features Like:-

  • Post your evaluations on social media

Beautiful graphic evaluations published on your social media channels will bring in quality customers and keep you in touch with each and every one of them. Apparently, authorization is available directly through all well-known social media platforms, including Facebook, Google, and Twitter. The nicest thing is that it has automated wall sharing and cross-posting functions. That will undoubtedly present you with a fantastic opportunity to quickly get social cues for google search and enhance the traffic to your website without making additional efforts.

  • Technical Assistance

Their IT experts are on hand around-the-clock and ready to address any of your inquiries. The fact that this platform provides dependable customer assistance is its biggest feature. They have a tech support crew on hand around-the-clock who is prepared to respond to your inquiries. Additionally, they will assist you in adding their widget to your website and much more.

Wiremo FAQs

🤷🏻‍♂️ Does Wiremo provide instructions, help, or both?

Yes, they provide customer support, lessons, and instructions.

Who uses Wiremo regularly? 🤔

The following are typical clients of Wiremo: SMEs, startups, agencies, and large companies.

What purposes does Wiremo often serve?

To promote social proof and sales, Wiremo gathers and displays client evaluations on your website with lovely photographs and integrated design. Wiremo utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to automatically assess reviewer input and add favorable reviews to a revolving carousel, using the SEO-boosting potential of user-generated content.

Which OS system is supported by Wiremo?

Following are the operating systems that Wiremo supports: Windows, Web App

What platforms is Wiremo compatible with?

WordPress, Woocommerce, Shopify, and Squarespace have the Wiremo plugin, while practically every platform requires manual integration.


Monthly Plan

  • Essential:-$19.99/mo
  • Professional:-$49.99/mo
  • Premium:-$200+/mo

Year Plan

  • Essential:-$16.99/mo
  • Professional:-$42.49/mo
  • Premium:-$170+/mo
Wiremo Feature Pricing

Alternatives of Wiremo


Insights about consumer and employee engagement are combined with labor-management solutions, time-and-attendance systems, and other technologies by UniFocus, a pioneer in workforce efficiency. With the use of UniFocus' solutions, labor forecasting, budgeting, timing, and compliance are all made simple. Our software's cloud-based tools enable integration with your current systems and deliver potent business insights from just about any device at any time.

Merchant centred

An industry leader in online reputation management that serves businesses of all sizes (1,000+) and in the food, automotive services, and healthcare/veterinarian sectors (50+). We assist businesses in maintaining contact with their clients, customers, and/or visitors.

Utilize a single platform to conveniently track and manage reviews, ratings, and company listings. Inform corporate stakeholders about reports that provide insightful information that can be used to increase sales and enhance visitor happiness.

Over to You

Everyone using the WooCommerce platform should test the Woo Reviews plugin. The customization options are far better than those of other plugins I've tested, and the plugin installs and configures in less than a minute. Review moderation is another crucial tool.

In addition to helpful and high-quality reviews, you can occasionally receive one that is insulting and inappropriate. In these situations, you can delete the offending reviews. However, you are unable to alter the star rating for these reviews. You can try Wiremo now if you use platforms like Squarespace or Shopify. There is no upfront payment necessary. I would strongly recommend this software to you.

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